Ethiopian Airlines

ethiopian airlines

Ethiopian Airlines

From first weekly flight from Addis Ababa to Cairo in 1946, Ethiopian Airlines is flying as a national flag carrier of Ethiopia also rewarded as the first carrier of Africa with flights to Egypt. Ethiopian Airline’s headquarter is at Addis Ababa airport in Ethiopia, is known as one of the best and oldest airline of African continent offers maximum flights to Africa countries than any other International airline does. Ethiopian airline is known as the fastest growing airline of Africa, owns its own Cargo division which claims the African Cargo Airline of the year in 2011. Ethiopian Airline had joined one of the prestigious clubs of aviation industry known as Star Alliance in Dec 2011.

Ethiopian is planning to be the most reliable and leading aviation group in Africa with the help of new and modern technology and facilities also targets as to be the major Industry of the Ethiopia offers leading role in Africa’s aviation industry and only International airline of Africa which offers East-West flights daily. Apart from operating worldwide flight only, Ethiopian Airline also offer Aviation training, flight catering, ground services and cargo services.

Ethiopian Airlines Flight Route

To overcome heavy demand and traffic on International flights especially to from Africa, the leading International airline of Africa, Ethiopian operates flights to 62 international and 17 domestic destinations daily, from to its hub in Addis Ababa to the world. With its hundreds of daily flights a traveler avail very cheap flights to their destinations whether it is Ethiopian Airline flights to USA, Ethiopian flights to India, or Ethiopian flights Africa. Few Ethiopian flights on some major routes are

Ethiopian Flights Fleet

One of the best airlines of the Africa, Ethiopian Airline sets benchmark by keeping safety on the top of all of the business, with the help of its modern state of art technology and youngest fleet in Africa. Ethiopian offers flights with the help of about 50 aircrafts ranging from Boeing to Airbus of about 9 years of average age. The Airline also placed order for 35 aircrafts of different categories.

Code share agreements

To fulfill the heavy demand of International cheap flight deals and cheap flight tickets Ethiopian Airline made Code share agreements with some major International airlines from different part of the world to serve the passengers for whom they don’t have direct Ethiopian flights. Some major International airline with whom Ethiopian has Code share agreements are

Ethiopian Airline services and facilities

From its first flight to Cairo in 1946 Ethiopian Airline enjoyed every moment of this long time period with its services and facilities to its customers. Ethiopian carries not only travelers who seek cheap flights but also the great African heritage in its services and offers, which adds special touch to customer’s safety and comfort.

In- flight experience

Ethiopian Airline offers vast range of in-flight entertainment and facilities for its flyers. Travelers have unlimited range of comedy, drama and audio video to choose and enjoy during their Ethiopian flights. An Ethiopian flight offers two classes on its flights named as Cloud Nine and Economy class.

Cloud Nine

Ethiopian always thinks differently to provide facilities differently while in the sky. With its cheap flight tickets, airline always work to offer luxury in cheapest option that generate new class which is a result of combination of first and business classes also called as Cloud Nine offers exclusive range of amenities. Ethiopian provide some exclusive amenities on board to its Cloud Nine passengers which includes perfumes, shaving kits, tooth brush and tooth paste, eye shades, combs with luxurious seats and mouthwatering cuisine, world class in flight entertainment, and readable magazines etc. Cloud Nine class also cares for its child passengers they can enjoy moving puzzles, mini holes or can use coloring books and enjoy reading story books and magazines during Ethiopian flights. Cloud Nine class Ethiopian has seats of 54” inches pitch can be recline to sleeper seats and have personal AVOD system on each seats.

Economy Class of Ethiopian

Ethiopian airline offers cheapest air fare and cheapest airline tickets to its travelers in economy class with all comfort and facilities that provide hassle free travel and tour experience. An economy class passenger get socks, sleep shades, tooth paste and brush apart from cheapest flight tickets and lowest air fare deals while children can enjoy their journey with puzzle games, story books, mini holes and coloring books. Ethiopian airline offers all comforts to its economy class passengers with 31” pitch relaxing seats can be recline back enough, with AVOD on demand services offers more than 80 channels with about 9” screen.

Ethiopian Airline Baggage Policy

Ethiopian airline always cares about satisfactory journey that’s why number one airline of the Africa offers exclusive services to its travelers, including cheapest air tickets on its flights and free baggage allowance that can a passenger carry free of cost. Ethiopian airline offers a certain amount of free baggage allowance and hand baggage free of charge, this free baggage allowance depends upon routes, booking classes and Shebamiles program.

Free baggage allowance on all other international routes and within Ethiopia

Ethiopian airlines free baggage allowance is set by the weight or piece concept whichever is applicable to the sector.
Normal free baggage allowance on all Ethiopian flights across Atlantic is 32KG for Business class or Cloud class and 23KG for economy class.

Free baggage allowance on long-haul flights

For various long-haul flights the Piece Concept applies. This means that a passenger may carry up to two pieces of baggage in addition to his carry-on baggage free of charge as below.

Additional free baggage allowance for Sheba Miles and Miles & More members

1:- Ethiopian Gold members, LH Honorable (Hon.) circle member, LH Senator shall be given 20kgs, and Ethiopian Silver members shall receive 15kgs additional to the free baggage allowance. In addition to the free baggage allowance the above passenger will be handled with special priority.

2:- ET-gold, ET- silver and LH honorable and LH senator, are entitled 1 extra additional free baggage allowance per the piece system, but weight will be limited to the class of service. Child passengers can avail same free baggage allowance as per adult passengers while Infant passengers can be allowed free baggage allowance as per below rules

A. Weight System

An infant, not entitled to a seat is allowed to 10kgs of free baggage allowance and in addition one fully collapsible stroller/push chair, which may be carried in the passenger cabin subject to availability of space.

B. Piece System

Infant, paying 10% of the applicable fare and not occupying seat is entitled to one checked bag (piece) weighing 10kgs,the sum of the 3dimensions of which does not exceed 45 inches (115cms) plus one fully collapsible / pushchair, which may be carried in the passenger cabin subject to availability of space.

Hand baggage
One piece hand baggage is allowed free of charge which must be maximum up to 7KG in weight and dimension should be in (L+W+H) 115cm and/or 45 inches.
In addition, passengers may also carry free of charge some items of personal use in flight as follows
  • A handbag (Laptop bag), pocket book or purse;
  • A small camera and/or a pair of binoculars;
  • A reasonable amount of reading material for the flight,
  • Infant’s food for consumption in flight,
  • Infant’s carrying basket,
  • A fully collapsible cabin wheel chair and/or a pair of crutches, and /or braces or other prosthetic device provided that passengers are dependent on them,
  • One laptop without accessories and attachments

With touch of great African heritage and African culture Ethiopian airline claimed many awards and rewards regarding its services to passengers whether it is to offer cheap flights to from any part of the world or offer its services for betterment of society, known as the best airline of the Africa, is targeting its eyes on vision 2025 plan to be known as “Spirit of Africa”. If you are looking for Ethiopian Airlines flights for your travel to any destination of the world, then you are on a right place, RIYA TRAVEL tickets to Ethiopian flights have cheap flight tickets and cheapest air fares that no one can offer. Visit to book online airline tickets and get cheapest air fare on any International airline tickets online and can enjoy hassle free travel and tour!