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  • Flight Bookings
  • Hotel Booking
  • About Car Rentals
  • Vacation packages
  • Credit Card & Billing
  • TSA Secure flight
  • Visa & Passport
  • Insurance
How can I get a copy or e-mail of my booking confirmation online?
If you did not receive any e-mail confirmation, then click on “Manage My Booking” option and view your reservation detail online. Now follow the instruction or fill the required information to sign in and click on the booking number you wish to see. You can now see your flight confirmation and send an e-mail by this page. For any further assistance, call us at 1-877-669-7492.
Want to make a new booking?
To make a new booking online, first enter the dates and destination into the search box, click search and now you can choose the best airfares offer by various airlines. You can also call us at 1-877-669-7492 in case of any query.
Can I request a seat for my flight?
Yes, you can but it depends on the availability of the seats and with the airline you are booking that flight. While booking a ticket online you can also select the seat of your choice in the additional request section or you can also call us at our customer support team at 1-877-669-7492.
What are my Payment options instead of Credit Card?
You can pay through US or Canadian credit cards like Visa, American Express MasterCard and Discover. You can also prefer to pay through cheque but ticket will be issued only once the cheque is cleared.
Can I book a hotel or car rental with my flight?
Yes, you can book hotel or car rental along with your flight booking. At Riya Travels, you can find various hotel deals and car rental options starting from $5 a day. But mainly rate depends on the city, availability & model of the car.
Can I get a refund, if I cancel my flight?
It depends on the Airlines or its terms & conditions though discounted airline tickets are non-refundable. As the tickets are offered at low rate, the refund is not permissible. The refund restrictions are listed on the website and hence advised to go through and agree with these Terms and conditions before booking your flight tickets.
How can I change my Airline Ticket?
If you want to make changes with your booked ticket with Riya Travels, you can call our Customer Service team at +1 877-669-7492 or write us @ For making changes, a fee can also be charged by the airline starting from $50 to $500. However, it all depends on the date of ticket purchased, rules of the fare, the date of the change and the destination you are going.
Will I be charged a fee for Extra Baggage?
Baggage fees policy may differ from airline to airline. It is suggested to check the airline’s baggage fees or limitations earlier to your booking by clicking here.
What does Travel Insurance Cover
Travel Insurance includes coverage for lost baggage, mandatory evacuation, theft of passports or visas, natural disasters and terrorism. Please go through the policy and terms & Conditions first as it does not allow you to cancel your trip without any reason or make changes to the current booking. Please note needed documents are also required to claim a refund.
Trouble in booking Ticket Online
Our customer support is available 24 X 7 to help you. If you are facing any problem while booking the flight ticket online, you can call us at +1 877-669-7492 to make your booking over the phone or send an e-mail at You can also use “Chat” option to book the flight tickets.
What is the meaning of term "the price has changed" or "flights are sold out" prior to ticketing?
Airlines can alter the airfares due to high demand or seat availability. We monitor these changes time-to-time and offer our customers the best and the lowest price online. However, between the time you are searching for flights and making reservation, fares may have changed or sold out due to high demand. When this happens, we always try to offer our customers alternative cheap flights and fare options.
Riya Travels guarantees to offer best price?
Riya Travels is dedicated to offer its customers the lowest airfares to explore the world. You can compare the fare offered by us with any other travel websites. If you are getting cheaper rates than us, please let us know and we will refund you the difference amount.
Can I book Flight over the phone?
Yes, sometimes customers face trouble while booking the online flight tickets. With us, you can book your trip and enquire about your queries over phone. Our round the clock dedicated team of customer support is also available to help you on 1-877-669-7492.
Can I book flight ticket over the Chat?
Yes, you can choose chat option to book your trip. Sometimes travelers find it easy & comfortable to book the tickets on chat as they can do another work simultaneously. Click here to book airline tickets while chatting with our travel experts.
What does mean by "All Taxes Included"? complies with the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Airlines Passenger Protection Rule, affected from January 24, 2012. Which means that airfares listed on our portal are included with all taxes.
Is it possible to put airline ticket on hold?
Airline tickets cannot be put on hold. We always recommend you to finalize your trip or book the tickets soon to get the best deals, as airlines can alter seat inventory, flight availability and fares based on the demand.
How many People can travel at once in Single booking?
You can book flights for maximum 9 people in single booking. For more than 9 travelers, click our Register Group option, fill the required info or call our customer support team on 1-877-669-7492 for any assistance.
Can I book a flight ticket for an Unaccompanied Minor?
Yes, you can book a ticket for an accompanied minor but we recommend you to verify the airlines policy beforehand as it vary from airline to airline.
General Guidelines
  • Unaccompanied minors may be able to travel on direct or non-stop flights only.
  • Unaccompanied minors may not be able to travel on the last flight of the day.
  • Many airlines require and/or provide Unaccompanied Minor Service from the time of boarding until the minor reach at the final destination; there is a charge for this service, which must be verified with the airline and paid directly to the airline at check-in.
  • Many airlines require unaccompanied minors to carry a birth certificate or other valid documentation showing the minor’s date of birth.
  • Many airlines require contact information for who will meet the minor at their final destination, and require this person to present identification in order to pass security checkpoints.
  • Standby reservations are not allowed for unaccompanied minors.
Can I book a flight for Infant?
Infants under the age of 24 months can board the flight in US at no charge as long as they are seated on the lap of an adult. But on international flights, a ticket is required which will be a percentage of an adult’s airfare. Each adult can carry only 1 infant. Infant’s ticket cannot be booked online. You can call our customer support team on 1-877-669-7492 to book the flights for an infant.
Can I take my pet with me on flight?
It depends on the airline you choose to travel with. You may or may not be able to take your pet. We recommend you to verify the airline’s policy on flying with pets before booking your flight tickets.
General Guidelines
  • Traveling with a pet other than a guided animal requires special handling by the airline, which will result in an additional fee; this fee is determined by the airline.
  • Airlines have rules regarding the size and number of pets allowed in the cabin.
  • Airlines have restrictions on pets traveling in the cargo hold, including blackout periods for carrying animals during the summer and winter.
  • Airlines have restrictions on certain pets including dogs (Pugs, Pekingese and Boxers) and cats (Persian) that may have difficulty breathing at high altitudes.
  • Airlines have minimum standards for the size, ventilation, strength, sanitation and design for the cage or bag used for flying with your pet; Sky Kennels meet these requirements.
  • Health certificates may be required in order to fly with your pet.
Do you offer different classes of service on a flight?
Yes, all airlines offer different classes of service out of which you can choose according to your requirements. The airlines are divided into different classes. These are:
  • Economy Class: Economy class seats are less expensive and include complimentary meals, snacks and entertainment as per the airlines policy and aircrafts facility.
  • Business Class: Business class cabins offer comfortable roomier seats and point to charge laptops, phones or other devices that help you to continue your work and Offers more options for a comfortable journey.
  • First Class: First class seats are usually near the front of the plane. It includes spacious seats that can be change to flat beds & more, quality dining, beverages and entertainment options are available as per your choice.
Can I request quote of airfares by e-mail?
Yes, you can but please note that we cannot guarantee you for the fares sent via e-mail as airlines can alter their fares, seat inventory and flight availability as per the demand. We recommend you to search cheap airfares on Riya Travel’s portal or call our customer support team on 1-877-669-7492. You can also chat with our travel experts to make reservation.
Existing Bookings
Why does my booking confirmation say “MAN”?
If your booking confirmation says “MAN”, it means that the flight you have selected couldn’t be booked automatically by our system. Riya Travel’s experts will contact you within 24 hours to confirm your booking and itinerary manually.
Can I request seats after booking a Ticket?
Yes, if you have already booked your flight and want to change your assigned seat, you can visit our website or call our customer support on 1-877-669-7492 for further assistance. Seats assigned by airlines based on availability and your preference. You can also select “Manage My Booking” option and find information about changing seat assignment or any other flight info.
What should I do if I lost my Paper ticket?
If you lost your paper ticket, call our customer support on 1-877-669-7492, they will assist you to fill the lost ticket application. Riya Travels follows the rules and policies set by each airline regarding the fee charged for issuing replacement tickets, which is around $150per ticket.
Will I be issued a paper ticket?
Yes, we can issue a paper ticket. You just have to make a call to our round the clock dedicated customer support on 1-877-669-7492 to book your air tickets and ask them to issue a paper ticket. You can also book your ticket via e-mail or chat.
Can I view my reservation online?
Yes, you can view your reservation online by clicking “Manage My Booking” option. Sign in and follow the direction to view your booking information. If you need any further assistance, call to our customer service team at 1-877-669-7492.
How early do I need to check-In for my flight?
For a domestic flight, we recommend you to reach at least 2 hours before the departure time for check-in. For international flights, we recommend you to reach at least 3 hours before the departure time for check-in.
Why did my flight schedule change?
Usually, airlines make changes in the flight schedule due to changes in equipment, routing or capacity. Some of these changes may involve change of aircraft, flight number or a nominal change in arrival or departure time and some of the other major changes may involve change in the departure city, arrival date or date of travel.
Riya Travels will always try to notify you if your reservation is impacted by this schedule change once notified by the airline. Since, airlines can make changes in the schedule any time, we always suggest you to verify departure time and flight number at least 72 hours before the departure. In case of any major schedule changes or any other problem, you can call our round the clock customer support on 1-877-669-7492.
Why am I did not receive any e-mail about my new itinerary or after my flights were changed.
If changes made by airlines do not impact your itinerary and includes the minor changes like delay in flight time etc. will not be followed up with an e-mail. In case of any major changes in your departure/arrival city or date of travel, you will always receive an e-mail.
Can I receive miles or points towards my frequent flyer programs?
Yes, you can receive points towards frequent flyer programs. Most of the Airlines allow you to redeem your earned points; you just need to enter your frequent flyer number in the Traveler Details to be sent to the airline.
Can I use my frequent flyer miles to upgrade my ticket?
Yes, you can but not at the special discounted fares as frequent flyer miles must be exchanged directly with the airline or your credit card company. Riya Travels is unable to use them. However, we always guarantee you to offer the cheapest airfare.
What should I do if I miss my flight?
If you miss your flight, the airline will mark your ticket as a “No Show”. It means that your ticket will not be changed or refunded. It depends on the airline you are choosing to travel with. If you feel that you are going to miss your flight, we recommend you to immediately call the airline to avoid being marked as a “No Show” or call our round the clock customer service on 1-877-669-7492. If it happens, Riya Travels will not be able to make any changes or issue a refund.
Note that if you miss your flight, all the subsequent flight on the same itinerary will also be cancelled under the “No Show” Policy.
Can I use my unused tickets for a future trip?
It depends on the policy of the airline you are choosing to travel with. Some airlines may or some may not allow unused tickets to be exchanged for a new ticket. For any other assistance, call our round the clock customer support on 1-877-669-7492.
What is an e-ticket?
E-ticket means electronic tickets. Most of the airlines issue e-tickets to avoid the risk of loss of paper tickets. When you are travelling with e-tickets, do not forget to carry your photo identification issued by the government i.e. driving license or passport. Some airlines allow you to check-in online with the help of e-tickets and print your boarding pass 24 hours prior to your schedule departure.
What do I need to do to check-In for my flight?
For domestic flights, take the print of your itinerary and take it with you to the airport. It has all the information you need to check-in. Also carry your government issued photo ID proof to go through the security. You can also check-in online and print out your boarding pass 24 hours prior to your departure time.
How can I view or print my Itinerary online?
To access you itinerary on Riya Travels, go to “Manage My Booking” option, fill-up the required information on the page to view your complete itinerary.
Click the print option and get the print of your itinerary. If you are unable to locate your itinerary or have lost the itinerary number, call our round the clock dedicated customer support on 1-877-669-7492.
How can I change my airline tickets?
How can I change my airline tickets?
To make changes to an airline ticket booked with Riya Travels, call our customer support team on 1-877-669-7492. You may have to pay some fee to make changes to your itinerary depending on the airline you choose to travel with.
How can I cancel my flight reservation?
To cancel your flight ticket booked with Riya Travels, call to our customer service team at 1-877-669-7492. You may charge some fee to cancel your reservation. The Cancellation fee varies from airline to airline.
What should I do if the name on my ticket is wrong?
Name changes are not allowed. It totally depends on the policy of airline you choose to travel with, some airlines allow minor corrections like spelling mistake. So, if you make minor changes, call our customer support team on 1-877-669-7492.
What should I do if the date on my ticket is wrong?
If you find that the date on your ticket is wrong, call our round the clock customer support on 1-877-699-7492.
Can I add another traveler to an existing flight reservation?
You have to make a new booking & new itinerary to add a new passenger in your flight reservation as fares are changing constantly and Riya Travels cannot guarantee the availability of the same or original fare of the flight.
Can I make a new reservation, if I cancel my flight?
Yes, you can make a new reservation after cancelling a ticket. For refund, you must go through the restrictions of the particular airline because most of the discounted air tickets are non-refundable.
If I cancel my flight, can I get a refund?
Most of the discounted air tickets are non-refundable. However, the non-refundable tickets are affordable. As the refund policy varies airline to airline, we suggest you to go through the refund policy, terms and conditions of the airline before booking your tickets.
Baggage Fees & Limitations
Is there any baggage limitations?
Baggage policies differ airline to airline. Many airlines allow at least 2 carry-on items and may charge for additional baggage. We recommend you to check the airline’s baggage charge and limitations by clicking here before booking your tickets.
What happens to my baggage if I have a connecting flight?
If you have a connecting flight, your baggage will be checked at your final destination, if you have a baggage agreement of the airlines you are flying with. If you do not have a baggage agreement, it will be your responsibility to claim your baggage and re-check it at the connecting flight before heading towards your final destination.
Special Discounts/Promotions
Can I request a meal for my flight?
Many airlines offer meals in Economy, Business and First Class when you are traveling for 4 or more hours. You can also enter a meal request while booking ticket online or by making a call directly to the airline. If you are booking ticket through our travel experts, you can ask them to put the special meal request.
Can I use airline vouchers on Riya Travels
Yes, you can use airline vouchers while making reservation with Riya Travels. But our special discounted fares generally do not allow you to use airline vouchers. For any further assistance, call our customer support on 1-877-699-7492.
Can I get discount on booking airfare for senior?
Yes, you will get discount as Riya Travels offers discount for senior citizens aged 65 years and older. It also depends upon airlines policy. For more info, call our customer support on 1-877-669-7492.
Are you offering military fares?
Yes, you can travel at the discounted airfares offer for active duty personnel or military ID card holders. The discount varies from airline to airline. For more detail call our customer support on 1-877-669-7492.
How do I know my hotel booking is confirmed?
We’ll send you an e-mail confirmation after you will complete your booking. Generally customers received an e-mail confirmation within 15 minutes but sometime it may take an hour to arrive.
Is it possible to add additional traveler to an existing hotel booking. If yes, how can I do it?
Yes, it is possible to add new guest to the same hotel room. You need to call our customer Service support at 1-877-669-7492 to make the changes. If you need to book an additional room, you have to make a new reservation online.
What do I do when the hotel charges are more than the amount promised on my confirmation?
The hotel must offer you the same rate quoted at the time of reservation. We suggest you to keep the copy of confirmation as a reference with you or call to our Customer Service team at 1-877-669-7492 for any assistance.
What If I want to cancel my hotel booking, will I receive a refund?
Yes, you can cancel your hotel booking. Before you make any changes or cancellation, please check the cancellation policy of hotel because it varies hotel to hotel. does not charge any fee for changes or cancellation. Hotel may charge some fee accordance to their policy. Please note that some room types are fully non-refundable from the time they are booked and usually hotel charge a fee if booking cancel within 24 to 48 hours of the schedule check-in time. Please note rules vary from hotel to hotel and the room type.
So, it is important to check cancellation policy of hotel before making the reservation.
Do online booking required immediate payment?
Yes, you need to enter a credit card number to confirm and process your hotel booking. For any further assistance call to our customer Service team at 1-877-669-7492.
I have booked a car on rent? What do I need in order to pick up a car?
You only need to print or carry a copy of online confirmation from Riya Travels The confirmation number from the Car rental company is all that is needed, other than a valid driver’s license and a credit Card.
Do I need a Credit Card while booking a Car on rent?
For most of the bookings within United States, they do not required a Credit Card number for holding the reservation, although it is required at the time of pick-up. However, some of the Special vehicles may require a credit card guarantee or deposit.
Is there any age requirement to rent a car?
In US, most of the car rental companies have a minimum rental age requirement of 25. There are exceptions, Car renter may has to pay surcharge fee or its depends upon policy of that company. In Europe, foreign driver's restrictions vary from country to country. Drivers need to be at least 18 in most countries and have a valid U.S. driver's license. We recommend you to check the agency’s policy for the country you are travelling to on their official website before booking car on rent.
Do I need an international driver Permit for Car rental?
No, it’s not required, but it will help you. It Cost approximately $20 to purchase an international Driver’s Permit (IDP), which we can say a translation of a valid US driver’s license. This document will really help you to prevent lot of problems occurred while driving to abroad, especially if you don’t know the language of the country you are travelling to or in a non-tourist area. As per the US state Government only two companies are allowed to issue IDPs. To know more, Click
What would be the Car Rental Collision Coverage?
To know about Collision and comprehensive coverage for any damage that the car rental company will hold you liable for check Description of Coverage
What is covered?
You are covered for minimum $30,000 in primary coverage for damages to the car that the car rental company holds you liable for, subject to a $250 deductible. It also covers physical damage to a rental car for which the car rental contract would hold you responsible.
How and when will I receive a confirmation of my rental Car reservation?
We will send you an e-mail confirmation as soon as you will complete your booking. You can also check or confirm your car rental reservation at Riya Travels website through “Manage My Booking” option.
How do I find and print my Itinerary?
To access your Itinerary on Riya Travels, go to “Manage My Booking” Page. Enter the required information and your itinerary will be displayed. If you want to print that itinerary, click the “Print” option. If you cannot locate your itinerary or have lost the itinerary number, please call our customer service team at 1-877-669-7492.
How do I Change or Cancel a car rental reservation?
Car rental reservations cannot be changed, but you can cancel your existing car anytime without any charge and book a new one. To cancel a rental car reservation, go to "Manage My Booking" option and fill the required information to open the itinerary that contains the reservation you wish to cancel. Click Cancel option and verify the cancellation on the next page.
What kinds of Cars can I rent?
Riya Travels offers the below mention car types:
  • Economy car
  • Compact car
  • Mid-size car
  • Standard car
  • Full-size car
  • Premium car
  • Luxury car
  • Minivan
  • Mid-size SUV
  • Standard SUV
  • Full-size SUV
  • Premium SUV
  • Standard convertible
  • Full-size van
  • Special van
  • Standard van
Car rental companies carry a variety of models for each car type listed above. You can choose or book one as per your choice or requirement.
Is there any age requirement to rent a car?
In US, most of the car rental companies have a minimum rental age requirement of 25. There are exceptions, Car renter may has to pay surcharge fee or its depends upon policy of that company. In Europe, foreign driver's restrictions vary from country to country. Drivers need to be at least 18 in most countries and have a valid U.S. driver's license. We recommend you to check the agency’s policy for the country you are travelling to on their official website before booking car on rent.
What is a Vacation Package?
A vacation Package combines hotels with flights/car rentals/sightseeing/other recreation activities as per the clients demand into one price. By combining your transportation and hotel booking, you can save on the total price of your travel. Instead of booking flights and hotels separately, a complete package would be cheaper. You can also customize travel itinerary or vacation as per your demand, destinations and travel dates. will return with search results that you can customize to meet your needs and budget.
Why should I choose Riya Travels vacation Package?
Riya Travels offers cheap vacation packages that save your time as well as money. You will always get a lowest price as compare to other travel websites, 24 X 7 customer support service and a comfort travel with a chosen airline.
While making a booking, Can I choose flights, hotels or Car of my own choice?
Yes, you can. We have various options which can fulfill the requirement of your travel product based on price and location you want to travel. Before booking the vacation Package, you can call to our customer Service team at 1-877-669-7492 to make changes as per your need or desired vacation Package.
How do I know Riya Travels received my reservation?
Once you click the “Book” button and as soon as the booking process is complete, we will send you an e-mail confirmation with a booking number and Itinerary details. Please note you will get a final e-mail with the ticket detail, hotel confirmation and travel instruction once travel documents are issued.
Is it possible to cancel a booking or any portion of my vacation Package?
The price which we have honored is based on the combination of your selected travel products like flight+hotel. Cancelling a portion means, need to make changes with the offered price. So, you will not able to cancel any portion of the vacation package. You have to cancel the entire vacation Package which will depend on the cancellation rules of the individual flight, hotel and car as per the combination selected.
Is it possible to make any changes with my booking or any part of my vacation Package?
Yes, you can make changes with your booked vacation Package or any portion but it may impact the prices as it gets closer to the travel date. If you have booked a Flight + hotel combination, a changes to one portion will simply change the other part as per the terms and conditions of selected vacation Package. So, before making any changes, we suggest you to review your vacation Package rules and regulations, check for airlines, hotel and other activity changes fees and determine the overall increase of the cost.
Do you offer all inclusive hotel Package options?
Yes, we do offer. But some of the hotels are not all inclusive. So, before booking the hotel please make sure to check carefully which hotels are all inclusive.
Does vacation Packages need any minimum stay?
Yes, a minimum stay of 2 days required to book any vacation package.
Do you have any restrictions on the offered flight options?
We generally offer the following restrictions:
  • Roundtrip journeys on scheduled airlines
  • Single destinations only, multiple destinations are not currently offered
  • Flights will be confirmed, stand-by is not offered/allowed.
Is it possible to upgrade my booked vacation Package to higher flight class or bigger room size?
Yes, it is possible. Please call to our customer service team at 1-877-669-7492 to upgrade your package.
If I have booked a package and after arriving to hotel, I wish to make changes to my hotel room type? Can I?
Yes, you can but it’s totally depends upon the availability and should be handled between you and the hotel. Please note if changes are allowed, extra cost may be charged. So, please make sure to check the hotel policy before booking the vacation Package.
If I book a Vacation package from Riya Travels, am I eligible to earn miles/points on my airline, hotel or car membership account?
Yes, you will earn miles/points on your frequent flyer program as per the agreement between you and the airline, hotel or car company.
Is it possible to add travelers to my booked vacation package?
Yes, you can but it does totally depend upon the availability and you have to pay the difference amount. Sometimes, due to non availability of the hotel, flight or car, your fellow traveler flight or hotel check-In time may vary from your scheduled travel time. In that case, you can also cancel the existing booking and book a new vacation Package.
Is “taxes and fees” are included in the Package or I have to pay anything extra?
The offered prices include the taxes and fees. We always offer the best price as compare to other travel websites. You may get charge extra fee for airport access, customer facility etc. And our prices also do not include extra options you have requested like any upgrades, special equipment, airline baggage charges etc.
I want to cut short my hotel stay, while retaining other portion of the vacation Package, do I get a refund?
No refund will be issued if you cut short your hotel stay.
Is it possible to access my vacation reservation online? How can do it?
Please Log on to Riya Travels and click on the “Manage My Booking” link, fill the required details to view your Itinerary. You can also click on “E-mail this Page” link to send this Itinerary to your e-mail address. If you do not find any result, Please verify the entered information or call to our customer service team at 1-877-669-7492.
How can I cancel or make changes to my vacation Package?
In order to Cancel or change your vacation package, Please call our customer service team at 1-877-669-7492.
Do I need to re-confirm my Vacation Package?
Though, we have already sent you an e-mail confirmation or Voucher to confirm your booking. We suggest you to re-confirm your Itinerary before the departure date or the day of travelling.
What is included at an “all inclusive resort”?
Inclusions will vary hotel to hotel. “All inclusive resort” generally includes meals, snacks, drinks (e.g. Beer, wine, cocktail) and non motorized sports.
How do I add or cancel activities from a vacation Package?
To add or Cancel any activity from a vacation Package, call to our customer Service team at 1-877-669-7492.
What happens if my reservation is cancelled due to a bad whether condition?
If your tour gets cancelled due to bad weather, please call our customer service team at 1-877669-7492 for further assistance.
What is resort fee?
Some hotels and resorts charge a resort fee upon Check-In. This fee collected by the hotel to cover some additional activities like local calls, internet access, use of gym, airport shuttle, city tax etc. Resort fee inclusions will vary hotel to hotel.
How Can I add travel Insurance to my Package?
To add a travel Insurance to your Package, Call to our customer service team at 1-877-669-7492.
Can I make reservation/book vacation package by phone?
Yes, you can. Our travel experts available 24 X 7 to book vacation Packages, hotels, flights, cars etc. over the phone. For booking please contact our customer service team at 1-877-669-7492.
Will I be able to travel if my name has changed?
The name on your Itinerary and boarding pass must match the name on the government issued photo ID (e.g. passport) you will use when travelling. If the name on your ticket does not match the name on your government photo ID due to marriage, divorce etc, you will need to arrive early at the airport and present the legal document with proof of the name change. The airline then re-issues your boarding pass in the name of your ID, so that you can pass through security.
When can I expect my refund?
If the airline rules allow for cancellation the day after booking, funds for the airline portion will be refunded within 7-14 business days. It totally depends upon the airlines and your bank policies.
What If I have multiple charges on my account?
This happens usually when multiple Airlines or passengers are booked in a reservation. You can see a charge for each ticket processed separately. Any taxes or service fee may also show as a separate charge on your statement. When you add these amounts, you can see that the total amount is same quoted to you. For any further assistance, please contact to our customer service team at 1-877-669-7492.
What If I have duplicate charges for the same trip on my account?
Firstly, please verify or check with your bank what company the charges are from. If you are sure, there is a duplicate charge from Riya Travels, please contact to our customer service team at 1-877-669-7492 for further assistance.
What if I’ve been charged more than what was quoted?
Please check with your bank first whether the charges reflected have posted or pending to your account. Because at the time of reservation, a “pending charge” is placed on your account for full payment, it means your bank/Credit Card Company puts a hold to that amount, until the transaction is cleared. With the successful transaction, the charge will typically post to the account within 2-3 business days, at that time the money will be deducted and the "hold" will be released. Sometimes, the “Pending hold” can show on your account after the charge has posted. Please wait and allow time for the “Pending hold” to return to your account. For any further assistance please contact to our customer service team at 1-877-669-7492.
I do not recognize the charges on my bank Statement?
If unknown charges reflect on your credit card and you could not recognize it. Please note if the charges are from Riya Travels or directly from any particular airlines. It would reflect by the name of Riya Travels or particular Airline’s Name.
How can I confirm my reservation?
You can confirm your reservation by clicking on “Manage My Booking” link on the page to view your booking status and details. Once you are on “Manage My Booking” page, you need to enter the required information to view your booking. You can also e-mail the itinerary to yourself by clicking on the “Email” link on that page. If you do not find any result for your search, please contact to our customer service team at 1-877-669-7492.
Is there any Credit Card transaction and currency conversion fees.
Yes, you will get charge for transaction and currency conversion fees, if you want to use a non-US credit card, while making reservation in US. You should check with your bank for details on currency conversion or transaction charges.
What is secure flight?
Secure Flight is a program of the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that streamlines the security watch list matching process. By collecting passenger data, it will improve the travel experience for all airline passengers.
What Passenger Data is required?
To travel, the Passengers required providing the following Secure flight Passenger Data (SFPD) while making a reservation.
  • Full name appears on government-Issued ID proof.
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Redress Number (if available)
What is the goal of Secure Flight Program?
Goals of the program are:
  • Identify known and suspected terrorists
  • Prevent individuals on the No Fly List from boarding an aircraft
  • Subject individuals on the Selectee List to enhanced screening to determine if they are permitted to board an aircraft
  • Facilitate passenger air travel
  • Protect individuals privacy
What is Redress number?
This is a unique number the department of Homeland Security (DHS) provides to the passenger who have been previously identified screening at the airports. For more information about redress process, Click here
What if the name printed on my boarding Pass is different than what appears on my government ID, will I still be able to travel?
The name you provide while booking your travel is used to perform the watch list matching before a boarding pass is ever issued. Make sure that the name provided while booking should matches the name on government ID that you will use while travelling. Due to difference in boarding pass systems, boarding passes may not always display the exact name you provided when booking your travel.
How does secure flight program help?
This Program is for passenger's advantage, in order to provide the required data elements; you may prevent delays or inconveniences at the airport. It may also differentiate you from individuals on the government watch list.
What is Visa?
A Visa is an official document shows that you are allowed to enter a specific country, for a specific period of time. Visas are granted by the country that you are travelling to in advance of your arrival.
Does Riya Travels provide passport or Visa information?
Yes, Riya Travels can help you to obtain information about your visa or passport. Before travelling to any international destination, you can check with our Customer Service team available 24 X 7 at 1-877-669-7492 whether you need a visa to enter the country you are planning to visit.
Does my Child need a Passport?
All travelers regardless of age require a passport.
How long does my passport need to be valid for?
Generally your passport is valid for at least 6 months after your intended return. Each country has their own rules & policies with regards to validity of Passport.
My Passport has expired, how do I get it early as possible?
If you’re a U.S. Citizen, a passport can take up to one month to receive and if you are a citizen of other country please check with your local passport bureau or Consulate. You can also visit for more detail.
How can I apply for a passport if I’m a U.S. Citizen?
You need to visit to get all information required to obtain or renew a US passport.
My name has changed but my Passport is in my former name. What name do I book my ticket?
Your name should be same with the name on your passport. Your airline will not issue you a boarding pass, if your name does not match exactly.
Does Passport required to leave the U.S. and travel to the Caribbean, Canada or Mexico?
All U.S. Citizens require a passport if flying from any city in the U.S. to any part of Canada, Mexico or the Caribbean.
What is travel Protection Plan?
Preparing for your vacation should include covering yourself against expenses related to unfortunate occurrences. We are Partner with Travel Guard to offer a variety of travel protection plans to our travelers make sure that they are covered from the time they book their travel.
Why Should I buy the Travel Protection Plan?
Even the best-planned travel can be impacted by unexpected sickness, unknown occurrences, delayed flights and passport theft or baggage delays. Troubles can occur when you least anticipate them forcing you to cancel your trip, lost your ticket investment and incur unplanned expenses. By purchasing a travel protection Plan, you are protecting your trip investment against the unknown occurrences.
For what reasons can I cancel or interrupt my trip?
Insurer can cancel or interrupt their trip for some covered reasons only. The insurer will pay a benefit, up to the maximum shown on the schedule, if the Insured is preventing from taking his/her covered trip due to the following unforeseen events.
  • Sickness, Accidental Injury or death of the Insured, Traveling Companion, Family Member or Business Partner.
  • A documented theft of passports or Visas
  • The Insured and/or Traveling Companion being hijacked, Quarantined or having his/her principal place of residence made Uninhabitable by fire, flood or other natural disaster.
  • Strike, resulting in the complete cessation of travel Services. A Strike is foreseeable on the date labor union members vote to approve a Strike.
  • Weather which causes complete cessation of services for at least 24 consecutive hours and prevents the Insured from reaching their destination.
  • Natural disaster at the site of the Insured’s destination which renders their destination accommodations uninhabitable.
  • A politically Terrorist attack occurs within 30 days of the departure of an Insured.
Do I have coverage if my luggage is delayed or does not arrive at my destination?
If the insured’s checked baggage is delayed or misdirected by a common carrier to more than 24 hrs, while on covered trip, the company will reimburse for the expense of necessary personal effects, up to the maximum shown on the schedule. The insurer will also reimburse if their baggage or personal effects are lost, stolen or damaged while on covered Trip, subject to the Maximum Benefit. Subject to a $50 deductible.
What happens if my flight is delayed or cancelled?
In case of flight delay or cancelled, the insurer will reimburse for $100 per day/per person up to the maximum limit shown on the schedule of Benefits for reasonable additional expenses, if the insured is delayed for more than 12 consecutive hours until travel become possible. For more information check the details of the travel protection plan by Clicking here.
How much does a travel Protection plan cost?
Cost depends on the plan you want and the type of trip you are booking. Since pricing varies, read the details of each plan at travel Guard to get a better idea of the cost.
What will I do if I need to cancel my trip?
If you need to cancel your trip due to any emergency, firstly notify the airline about cancelation and ask them to release the segments or call our customer Service team at 1-877-669-7492 to cancel your trip/flight. Then, if you are cancelling for a covered reason, call the travel protection company’s claim department at 1-800-826-1300 to request a claim form.
Does this plan cover Frequent Flyer Miles?
The Cost associated with Frequent Flyer Miles is not reimbursable under the plan if you must cancel your trip. If you are cancelling your trip for a covered reason, you will only be reimbursed the money actually paid for the trip.
What if I have other types of Insurance?
Travel protection plan from Riya Travels have a wide range of travel benefits which any other insurance policy often do not offer. Any other insurance policy may not offer coverage for your travel because of their benefit limits, territory restrictions and deductibles. Most people don't have any insurance coverage even they need to cancel their trip due to any emergency and even if they do, reimbursement for cancellations due to any reason is rare. Even the medical plans don’t include coverage for trip cancellation. However, we recommend you to review your own policies carefully to see what is covered or insured.
Can I get a travel protection plan after I've booked my trip?
All travel protection plans must be included in the same transaction as the covered travel. The Car Rental Insurance plan can be obtained anytime up to the day prior to your departure.
Can I request a refund of the travel insurance plan after purchase?
Yes, you can. Customer can request a refund in writing e-mail to within 15 days of the purchase date or prior to departure. The customer will receive a refund of the plan cost excluding any service fees.
Is there coverage for a terrorist incident?
Yes, the Travel Guard Insurance plan includes coverage for a Terrorist Act occurring in your departure city or a city in your scheduled destination within 30 days of the departure of an Insured. Please check Description of Coverage for more details.